Saturday, September 21, 2019

Quick and Cheap Shoebox Dollhouse

Quick and Cheap Shoebox Dollhouse

View from Living Room:
Operable draperies made with fabric swatch, bamboo skewer and stapler
As an Interior Designer, I have lots of fabric swatches laying around, so when my kiddo said she promised her bestie that "she" would make a dollhouse out of a shoebox for her, we raided my stash of samples, and whipped up this cute little dollhouse.
Door uses a latch to stay shut. Simply slide latch out to open door. Cardboard and tape.
FLOOR PLAN: 2-Bedroom Shoebox Dollhouse
Scraps of fabric, toilet paper stuffing, packing tape, staples and stickers make this adorable bunk bed room for "the twins" 

Bunk Bed Room Detail: little hang-out lounge area with striped pillows under the bunk bed
Living Room: Missoni Home fabric wall hanging, loveseat, throw pillow, coffee table, plant and area rug
Living Room Detail: paint cap and pieces of moss make a cute plant for the coffee table
Master Bedroom Detail: Upholstered headboard, red velvet cover and sky blue velvet pillows. Just beyond the foot of the bed is a real usable white board (can be seen in overall dollhouse photo).
Exterior Window: should have used an exacto knife...scissors were a sloppy choice. Used packing tape for glass and cardboard for shutters
Fun shoebox dollhouse project with my kiddo

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