Thursday, September 5, 2019

                                   ....apparently they decorate lockers now! DIY Magnetic Wallpaper

Here is a step-by-step guide how to make magnetic wallpaper for your kiddo's locker.
My kiddo's completed locker
(she had to cut out the lock on the fly, a bit sloppy, but I am proud that she figured it out)

If you have not noticed, magnetic locker wallpaper is expensive. As of this post, magnetic wallpaper costs $60.

Since I had surplus peel-and-stick wallpaper from my house, I decided to see if we could make it magnetic (we are not allowed to install stickers in/on the lockers).

STEP 1:  On the school's Orientation Day, measure the lockers and include locations of protruding items, such as hooks and locking mechanisms:

STEP 2: To wallpaper (3) interior sides and the door panel, look for Rolled Magnetic Sheets.
Although the lockers are nearly 36" high, we found it much more cost effective to purchase a 24"x60" roll ($25) on Amazon, which yields 30" high material (worked with the hook placements):

STEP 3: Cut Rolled Magnetic Sheets to size.
In our case, we cut the 60" length in half to yield (2) 30" panels, then cut those nearly in half (11" and 13"), yielding us (2) 30"x11" segments for the back and front and (2) 30" x 13" segments for the sides (as you can see in our diagram, the locker sides are wider). We then cut the door panel piece to the clear inside dimension of the door panel:

STEP 4: Using the pre-cut magnetic panel as a template, trace out the wallpaper segment that you'll need (on the pattern side), carefully measuring the wallpaper (or contact paper or your custom printed graphic) to make sure the pattern is centered on the magnetic panel:

STEP 5: Cut along the cut lines on (1) side and the top, then overcut on the other side and bottom:

STEP 6: Apply your wallpaper to the magnetic panel by carefully aligning the cut side and top sections, then flip over and cut off the excess on the overcut side and bottom:

STEP 7A: Smooth bubbles with a credit card:

STEP 7B: If bubbles persist, use a pin to poke a small air hole, and push the air bubble out the hole with a credit card:

STEP 8: Your beautiful, perfectly centered magnetic wallpaper is ready to install:

STEP 9: Allow your kiddo to install the magnetic wallpaper in their school locker:


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