Tuesday, November 5, 2019

The Return of the Frankenpop!

This Halloween, I decided to do a familiar no-bake goodie for our school's Bake Sale: FRANKENPOPS!

Using marshmallows for the head, green candy melts for face color, brown candy melts for hair, gel for mouth and scar, candy buttons and edible markers for the eyes, sunflower seeds for bolts, mounted on lollipop sticks. I used mini pumpkins as stands:

TIP: before you create your Frankenpops, prep the pumpkin stands:
1--  use a sharp knife to carve a small hole in every other segment on the pumpkin (5 total)
2--  hammer a lollipop stick into each hole (test that you can slide it out and back in)
3--  dip the marshmallow in slightly cooled down green candy melts and place on stick
4--  dry green head on pumpkin stand before moving to hair
5--  for the hair, dip the top only, and using a toothpick, pull down some strands
6--  set back in pumpkin stand to dry
7--  draw  draw eye balls on candy buttons with edible marker or gel
8--  use green candy melt to adhere candy button eyes to the face
9--  use gel to create zig zag mouth and forehead scar
10- although I used sunflower seeds for the neck bolts, you can use anything that is small, long and edible....just push them in.

I placed the 3 pumpkins (yielding 15 Frankenpops) on a serving tray, and packed it in a large cellophane gift basket bag to keep covered until revealed at the bake sale.

Happy Halloween!

-- Crazy Mama

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