Friday, October 2, 2015

My GORGEOUS "Almost-No-Sew" $2 Throw Pillows!

After restoring the piano bench, I had some surplus fabric....but it is SO beautiful, I HAD to use ALL of it! I also happen to have 2 throw pillows that needed covers. PERFECT! But...I only had enough fabric to cover 1 throw pillow, front and back, OR 2 throw pillows, front only. So I went with the latter.

Now I need fabric for the backs. So, I went to my local fabric store, and sifted through their disorganized scrap bins. After 90 the bottom of the very last scrap bin, I found it! 2 scraps of the perfect size, perfect color and perfect texture fabric! $1 each. Woot woot!

I intended on sewing them...I even borrowed a sewing machine...but the needle was broken and it was missing parts. SO...I did some digging online and learned about "HEAT N BOND Ultra" - a miracle no-sew product!!!! I had a 50% coupon at Michaels, so it only cost $ 1.79 for 10 yards of 3/8" bonding tape. All you need is an iron, and a few seconds! It was AMAZING! I was able to successfully bond 3 sides of each pillow...but after inserting the pillow, I couldn't bond the open I sewed them by hand, but that went pretty fast, and looks good.

FYI: I thought I was clever and initially tried to use a hair iron, but it didn't work as well as a real iron...I strongly recommend a real iron and follow the instructions.

Here is the final product - I LOVE IT!!!
I LOVE my new pillows!

Supplies: Fabric (front and back), HEAT N BOND Ultra Tape (3/8" x 10 yards), ready-to-cover throw pillow and iron
 (TIP: do not use a hair iron- use a real iron)

Look at that AMAZING seam! I was able to bond 2 heavy upholstery fabrics with HEAT N BOND Ultra

Back of pillow- the perfect shade of brown velvet

Detail of pillow

Corner Detail
(I hate our carpet! Ugh!)

My 2 finished pillows! LOVE!

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