Monday, August 7, 2017

Puppy Party and then some...

Late in posting...follow up to my "Pseudo Pinterest Fail" post earlier.

We don't have a dog anymore (my American Eskimo "baby", Matisse passed well before my child was born), but she is obsessed with dogs! Luca insisted on a "Puppy Party" for her summer birthday, so she asked everyone to bring their doggies (and they did!)

I didn't get great photos, but here are some snaps from one Pupperific Day! Wish I had good pics of the "spread" -- it was pretty awesome, catered by The Counter Burger Bar. Yum-Meeee!!!

CAKE: Boo Birthday Cake as seen in previous blogpost >>> Pseudo Pinterest Fail
MINI CUPCAKES: Someone snagged one before I could take a pic! Rats! Custom minis by Sprinkles Cupcakes! Mmmmm.....
PUPPY ADOPTION CENTER: Luca and I made this doghouse out of a cardboard box. We used the bottom of the box to finish the roof, we painted it, and we created the white picket fence out of flat sheets of cardboard (time consuming to map out and cut, but super cute!) The dogs are helium filled balloons with feet and they "walk" with you (adores!) 

HIDDEN TREATS: we hid the goodie bags inside the doghouse. As kids left, they each got to go inside an pick their bag and "adopt" their pet.

ADOPTION CERTIFICATES: It was so funny, a woman walking by in the park stopped by to adopt a pet (since we had  real dogs hanging out near the "Adoption Center".  I had to ask her to return the Certificate of Adoption. LOL.

STAR DOGS!  "Grumbles" and "Princess Pickles" from the Nickelodeon hit show "Mutt and Stuff" stopped by for a few awesome tricks. We love their mama/trainer Sarah Clifford from Animal Savvy > the most humane animal/critter trainer on the planet!

My cutie with the MUTT & STUFF's "Grumbles" and "Princess Pickles"

MAGIC: Good friend, The Dancing Scientist Dr. Jeff, stopped by and did some magic tricks for the kiddos!

ESCAPE ROOM: Although not "puppy" related, we had MOBILE ESCAPE ROOM LA come to the party so the kids (and parents) could try to solve clues and puzzles to escape the vintage style room! Wish I had better photos! Despite the giant bottle of wine pictured here (prop), no alcohol was served! LOL!

GOODIE BAGS: Although it doesn't look like much, it adds up quickly! In lieu of handing out candy, all the kiddos received a helium-filled life-size doggie balloon and a plush mama dog carrying a puppy along with a  Certificate of Adoption, a book "Love That Dog", a dog collar bracelet (required to enter the Escape Room), a bubble wand, and a doggie pad of paper with matching pencil and erase. Luca put a cute animal sticker on each bag.
DETAIL: Closeup of some of the Goodie Bag goodies.

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