Friday, May 13, 2016


Our school fair needs I decided to make these yummy treats: MONSTER RODS! Super cute, super fun, and super easy!

1. Using a "double boiler" method (glass bowl over pot of boiling water, reduce to low heat), stir CANDY MELTS until melted and smooth
2. Spoon melted candy into 8oz glass
3. Dip PRETZEL ROD in melted candy in glass, rolling and dragging until right consistency
4. Drag bag of rod along edge of glass to remove excess melted candy
5. Lay on baking tray (18 per tray)
6. Place CANDY EYES randomly
7. Put tray in refrigerator for 5-10 minutes to cool
8. Bend tray to loosen, and carefully snap rods from tray (without breaking rods)
9. Place in treat bags
10. ENJOY!
one set of Monster Rods
another set of Monster Rods
completed set of Monster Rods in treat bag

a batch of completed sets
I love the aftermath!

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