Monday, July 7, 2014

Snoopy and Woodstock….LOVE

SNOOPY and WOODSTOCK from THE PEANUTS for my brother Paul

Paul is an incredible artist…I've always been in awe of his innate talent! He loved to draw Snoopy as a little kid (and Grandma always made Snoopy Art out of felt for us!)…In addition to being able to draw cartoons, I remember Paul's stunning pastel artwork by age 6, and by 9, he was creating realistic portraits. He is so talented….I wish I had his skills!!!

Snoopy Head/Body: Hardboiled Egg Whites
Snoopy Ear and Eye: Blackberry
Snoopy Mouth, Nose and Spot: Blueberry
Woodstock Head/Body: Hardboiled Egg Yolk
Woodstock Eye: Blackberry
Woodstock Mouth: Blueberry
Heart Balloon: Strawberry
Balloon String: Snow Pea Pod

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